Our aim is to raise money by selling delicious honey from the beautiful Transylvanian mountains.

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The Honey

Acacia honey


Light and delicate in flavour and look, this clear, pale honey doesn’t crystalise and is delicious eaten on its own or to have in other foods and drinks

Wild Flower


Rich and flavoursome this honey reflects the unspoilt biodiversity of the mountain pastures in Transylvania.

Equally delicious as a spread, or used as a sweetener in cakes and dishes.

This honey crystalizes so if the one of choice for those who like a set honey

Honey is known to be hugely beneficial to health and well-being and has been used (and highly prized) for hundreds of years. Apart from being delicious to eat raw, honey is used extensively in cooking around the world to produce elegant dishes. It is a natural ‘superfood’ with significant healing properties, a fact not loss on the ancient civilisations, and increasingly noticed by the modern generation. In August 2018, the UK NICE (National Institute of Care Excellence) issued advice to the general public to use honey as a remedy for a cough rather than visit their local doctor.


We can offer two varieties:

Wild Acacia

Transylvanian honey